Welcome to the Birney Trolley Museum Library
Below is a collection of 75 books that include comments, featured articles,
and/or photographs relevant to the Birney Trolleys listed in alphabetical
order by title, author, publisher, and date published where shown.
Across New York By Trolley; by Frederick A. Kramer, Published by Quadrant Press, Inc., 1975
Badger Traction; by Central Electric Railfans’ Association, Published by the same, 1969
Birney Car Panorama: a photographic retrospective; by Frederick A. Kramer, Published by Bells & Whistles, 1988
Birney Car, The; by Harold E. Cox, Published by Harold Eugene Cox, 1966
Birney Streetcars, The: Fresno’s Twelve Double-Truck Birney Boomers; Author not listed, Publisher, Douglas
Country Publishing, Date not shown
Biscayne Bay Trolleys: Street Railways of The Miami Area; by Edward Ridolph, Published by Harold E. Cox, 1981
Canadian Railroad Historical Association, Inc., "Halifax: Birney Stronghold", Bulletin 17, Published in Montreal on
April 15, 1954
Cars Of Sacramento Northern: Interurban Special 32; Multi-authoring, Published by Ira L. Swett, 1972
Cars of The St. Louis Car Company 1927: Bulletin Number 18; Written and Published by the Electric Railway Historical
Society, 1927
Cash, Tokens, And Transfers: A history of Urban Mass Transit in North America; by Brian J. Cudahy, Published by the same,
Electric Interurban Railways In America, The; by George W. Hilton and John F. Due, Published by Stanford University Press,
Electric Railway Era In Northwest Washington, 1890-1930; by Daniel E. Turbeville III, Published by Center for
Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, 1978
Electric Railway Journal, September 30, 1916: The Development or the Electric Railway Car, Annual
Convention Section; No Author Listed , Publisher not listed, 1916
Elmira Trolleys: The Street Railway Operations of The Elmira Water, Light and Railroad Company, its
Predecessors and Successors 1871-1939
; by Shelden S. King, Published by Felix E. Reifachneider, April 10,
Fares, Please! : Those Portland Trolley Years; by John T. Labbe, Published by The Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1980
From Boston To The Berkshires: A Pictorial Review Of Electric Transportation In Massachusetts, Bulletin
Number Twenty-One
; by Stephen P. Carlson with Thomas W. Harding, Published by the Boston Street Railway
Association, Incorporated, 1990
Glendale & Montrose; by Jeffrey Moreau and James Walker, Jr., Published by Pacific Bookwork, 1966
Guide to Troley Model Building: A Model Traction Handbook; by W. K' Walthers, Inc., Milwaukee Wisconsin,
Septemder 1958
Halifax Street Railway 1866-1946; by Don Artz / Don Cunningham, Published by the same, date unknown
Halifax: Birney Stronghold; by Robert R. Brown, Published in Bulletin 17 of the Canadian Railway Historical
Association, April, 1954. Brought up to date and revised by Mr. Richard M. Binns, September, 1964.
Hill City Trolleys: Street Railways of Lynchburg, VA; by Harold E. Cox, Published by Harold E. Cox, 1977
Historic Cars of The Seashore Trolley Museum: Kennebunkport, Maine, Fifth Edition; Edited by O. R.
Cummings, 1967
History of The J.G. Brill Company; by Debra Brill, Published by Indiana University Press, 2001
History of the St. Louis Car Company “Quality Shops”, The; by Andrew D. Young and Eugene F. Provenzo,
Jr., Published by Howell-North Books, 1978
Houston Electric: The Street Railways of Houston, Texas; by Steven M. Baron, Published by the same, 1996
Interurban Era, The; by William D. Middleton, Published by Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1961
Jamestown and Chautauqua Lake Trolleys: Fenton Historical Socirty, 1974
Lightweight Interurban Cars: Bulletin Number 1 of the Electric Railway Historical Society; No reprint date
Montana’s Trolleys: Book 1, Helena, Interurbans Magazine, Volume 26, Number 3; by Rex Myers,
Published by Ira L. Swett, 1970
National Railway Bulletin: Volume 57, November 4, 1992; "Variations on a Theme: All Birney cars were
not alike",
by William D. Volkmer, page 16 - 21
National Railway Bulletin: Volume 62, Number 1, 1997; "236 The Last of Pennsylvania's Single-Truck
Birney Cars"
, by Paul Kutta, page 14 - 17
Peoria Street Cars, 76 years of: Publication rights released to Paul H. Stringham, 1989 by Buckley & Gibson,
Rights for this revised edition granted to Lee Roten Photography by Paul Stringham, November 1989
PE – Pacific Electric Railway: A Pictorial Album of Electric Railroading; Compiled by Donald Duke, Published
by Golden West Books, 1958
PTC Rails: a historical review and scenes of the trolley years; by Frederick A Kramer and Samuel L. James,
Jr., Published by Pennsylvania Transportation Company, 1996
Pueblo’s Steel Town Trolleys; by Morris Cafky and John A. Haney, Published by the Colorado Railroad Historical
Foundation, 1999
Rails in Richmond: Interurbans Special 102; by Carlton Norris McKenney, Published by Interurban Press, 1986
Rails Of The Silver Gate: The Spreckels San Diego Empire; by Richard V. Dodge, Published by the Pacific
Railway Journal, 1960
Railway Odyssey: A Guidebook to the Orange Empire Railway Museum; by Paul Hammond, Published by
Orange Empire Railway Museum, 1992
Ride The Big Red Cars: How Trolleys Helped Build Southern California; by Spencer Crump, Published by
Trans-Anglo Books, 1965
Rollsign, Boston's Birney Cars: 1917-1929; Feature Article by O. R. Cummings, Published by Boston Street
Railway Association, Inc., "ROLLSIGN" Vol. 7 No. 3 March 1970
Running Point; by Nicholas T. Spark, Published by Nicholas T. Spark, 1992
Sacramento Northern: Interurban Special 26; Multi-authoring through 17 Chapters, Published by Ira L. Swett,
Safety Car, The: Bulletin Number 36; No Author listed, Published by the Electric Railway Historical Society
through the General Electric Company, No date shown
St. Louis Car Company Album: A Photographic Record, Interurban Special #91; by Andrew D. Young,
Published by Interurban Press, 1984
Stone & Webster 1889-1989, A Century of Integrity and Service; by Stone & Webster, Incorporated,
Published by Stone & Webster, 1989
Street Cars of Boston: Vol. 6 (Birneys, Type 5 Semiconvertibles, Parlor, Private, and Mail Cars; by O.R.
Cummings, Published by Harold E. Cox, 1980
Street Railway Era in Seattle, The: A Chronicle of Six Decades; by Leslie Blanchard, Published by Harold E.
Cox, 1968
Street Railways Of St. Petersburg Florida; by James Buckley, Published by Harold E. Cox, 1983
Surface Cars of Boston 1903-1963; by O.R. Cummings and Harold E. Cox, Published by Harold E. Cox, 1963
Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965, by Harold E. Cox, Published and sold by Harold E. Cox, Copyright,
Texas Electric Railway; by Johnnie J. Myers, Bulletin 121, Published by Central Electric Railfans’ Association,
Time of The Trolley, The: The Street Railway from Horsecar to Light Rail, 1887-1987 Centennial of the
; by William D. Middleton, Published by Golden West Books, 1987
To Seattle by Trolley: The Story of the Seattle-Everett Interurban and the “Trolley That Went To Sea”; by
Warren W. Wing, Published by Pacific Fast Mail, 1988
Tracks, Tires & Wires: Public Transportation in California’s Santa Clara Valley; by Charles S. McCaleb,
Published by the same, 1981
Traction & Models, December 1968, Vol. 4, No. 10: Sixteen Years Between Birneys; Last Run of a Birney
in Detroit,
by Raymond F. Radway
Traction & Models, , February 1978, Vol. 13, No. 12, Run No. 156, Front Cover Photo, Richmond, Virginia
DT Birney #413,
taken in the 1940's and from the M.J. Lavelle Collection
Traction Heritage #44: Vol. 8, Number 2; Reprints from Historic Electric Traction Publications and reprints from
McGraw-Hill, Published, 1975
Traction Heritage #57: Vol. 10, Number 3; Reprints from Historic Electric Traction Publications and reprints from
McGraw-Hill, Published, 1977
Traction Yearbook ’86: The year 1985 in review, Book number 1843; Produced by Traction Slides
International, 1986
Tractions Of The Orange Empire: by Ira L. Swett, Interurbans Specical 41, 1967, Published by Interurbans
Trams & Tracks, “The Birneys” of Halifax, Nova Scotia; Author unknown, First Published by Halcraft Printers
incorporated, 1990. Compiled and edited by Russ Lownds.
Trolley Car Treasury, A Century of American Streetcars-Horsecars, Cable Cars, Interurbans, and
; by Frank Rowsome, Jr., Published by McGraw-Hill Book Company, Incorporated, 1956
Trolley Cars of Fort Collins; by E. S. Peyton, R. A. Moorman, and Kenneth Jessen, Originally Published by
Golden West Books, 1966, and Restoration of Car Number 21 by Kenneth Jessen, published by A JV Publications,
Trolley Museum, The; by New England Electric Railway Historical Society Incorporated of Kennebunkport, Maine,
Published by Arundel Print, 1958
Trolley Talk: October 1974, No. 105; No Author list, Published Bimonthly, 1974
Trolley Trails Through The West, Volume II, From "New York - Alki" to Present-Day Seattle; by Robert S.
Wilson, Published by Wilson Brothers Publications, 1978
Trolley Wire: The Birney Car In Australia - Fifty Years; Journal of Australian Transport Museums, Number 152,
published by same in June 1974
Trolleycars: Streetcars, Trams and Trolleys of North America: A Photographic History; by Frank Sullivan
and Fred Winkowski, Published by Motorbooks International, 1995
Western Railroader For the Western Railfan, The: Sacramento Northern birney car #62; Vol. 15, No. 10,
August 1952, Issue No. 154, Front Cover
Western Railroader For the Western Railfan, The: Fresno Traction and Fresno Interurban; VO. 23, NO. 8,
August 1960, Issue 248, by Steve Renovich, Published by Francis A. Guido of San Mateo, CA
When Fresno Rode the Rails: Trolleys of the San Joaquin; by Edward Hamm, Jr., Published by Interurbans
Publications, 1979
When Oklahoma Took The Trolley; by Allison Chandler and Stephen D. Maquire, Published by Interurbans, 1980
Where Travel Means The Trolley: A Guidebook To The Orange Empire Trolley Museum; by Mac Sebree
and Jim Walker, Published by The Orange Empire Trolley Museum, 1970
Yellow Cars Of Los Angeles, The: Interurban Special # 43; Edited by Jim Walker, Published by Mac
Sebree/Interurban Publications a California Corporation, 1977
IMAGES of Rail: LOST TROLLEYS OF QUEENS AND LONG ISLAND; by Stephen L. Meyers, Published by
ARCADIA Publishing, 2006