Scroll down this page to see photographs of the Ft. Smith and Little Rock
Arkansas Birney Cars, the old and the new!

The following featured photos have been generously donated for public viewing
by Edwin Howard Conley, Jr., Great-grandnephew of Charles Oliver Birney
Photos taken on May 19, 2006
Photo No 1
Fort Smith Arkansas Birney Safety Car #224
Photo No 2
Loretta Arlene Birney Conley and David Kerr (Car Operator)
Photo No 3
Loretta Arlene Birney Conley with husband Edwin Howard Conley, Sr. and Car #224
Photo No 4
Another Great Shot of Car #224
The next set of photos are of the Replica Birney Cars in Little Rock
Arkansas also taken and donated by Edwin Howard Conley, Jr.
Photo No 5
Loading up on #408
Photo No 6
#408 on the move
Photo No 7
Loretta Arlene Birney Conley posing with #408  
Photo No 8
The Conley family inside #408 wearing grins
Photo No 9
#410 on th move
Photo No 10
Here the Conley family gathered for a pose in front of the Arkansas
State Capital Buildings. On the right is Edwin Howard Conley, Jr. who
generously provided these photos.  

Thanks much Howard for the great photographs.